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I like to work nonstop throughout my day. Most of the time I rarely stop to eat. I know that’sis bad, but it makes my day go by very fast. Sometimes I look up and half of the day is gone – feeling like I just started. I like to stay busy making sure my clients needs are met and requirements are fulfilled. I know that if I keep my clients happy they will continue to send me more freight. More freight for me means that I stay busy and staying busy makes my day fly by! ” Its a viscious Cycle” … that I like. LOL…

What makes your day fly by? What would you like to change about your workflow and process? Do you need anything else to be done that would make it easier? Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help. Remember me when you are thinking of your freight system!!!! But anyways its time to get back to preparations for tomorrows workweek…. Let me know if you need anything…

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Freightloadswithchris readers,

About me:

Hello World, My name is Chris Nze, Welcome to my Blog. ” freightloadswithchris”. I know, I know,  the title is not fancy at all  – but it really is the best way to describe my Blog.  I have been involved in freight shipping for a little over 3 years now and I have gained much insight on the needs of companies and clients during this time. I know I have a lot more to learn and hopefully My knowledge base will grow along with my blog.

This space is meant to be used as a place  for Freight industry professionals to come together and discuss all things freight.  I am hoping to give people from different industries a place to gain insight, share Ideas, vent, and most of all find solutions to issues they may face.

My Company – TOP Worldwide

I work for TOP Worldwide.  TOP worldwide is an E.L. Hollingsworth Company.  E.L. Hollingsworth is located in Flint MI.  E.L. Hollingsworth is a top provider for GM , Ford and Walmart.  As you might expect with this being MY Blog, I will be offering my companies services to those that might see the benefit of working with me.   With that being said, I would like to extend the opportunity to take a look at the TOP worldwide LTL system by clicking the link below.

TOP Worldwide has phenomenal LTL System Demo that you can check out by clicking the hyperlink.

Also if you are interested in getting your own login, click the hyperlink in this sentence.

Readers responsibility:

When it comes to my Blog, feel free to comment, share opinions, give advice, promote your products and services, and almost anything you want…  Just remember this is a professional site-so disrespect to other readers that might leave comments  is prohibited.  I will ban you!!!-said – Im my “Thunderous GodlyVoice” LOL…  No need to fear though, I doubt if a logistics blog will stir up that much emotion.  But hey, you never know….

Well anyways enough of being a net nanny!  Welcome to the first post of many more to come.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!



Chris Nze



LTL System Demo