Well this is my first week as a blogger and I am excited. However I am not sure where to begin. So after careful consideration….. I guess I can start with The Pallet.

The first pallet was invented by Robert Braun in 1945 . In 1948, Sullivan Stemple made a pallet for fork lifts.

The first patents are listed here.
See the list below:

^ U.S. Patent 1,508,183, Hallowell, Howard T. 09/09/1924 “Lift Truck Platform” Drawing 2 resembles a skid.
^ U.S. Patent 2,148,150 Clark, Carl L. 02/21/1939; recognizably a modern pallet, though with steel stringers.
^ U.S. Patent 2,372,055, Braun, Robert H., March 20, 1945
^ U.S. Patent 2,455,197, Stemple, Sullivan Franklin 11/30/1948; includes a fork lift!

My thoughts.

To me the Pallet is in one Top 3 essential things to have when you have large things to move… Besides a Truck and or a forklift. Pallets make handling freight so much easier. A lot of new shippers don’t realize the time that is saved by palletizing their shipments. Pallets actually help freight stay in place during transit, this drastically reduces the likelihood of damage during transit.
Pallets allow users to quickly move and store freight and are used all over the world. If you are currently not palletizing your freight, you are exposing your loads to more damage and yourself to a lot more paperwork headaches.

My suggestion use them or be ready to do a lot of work and place a lot of phone calls – for damage claims and returns!!!!!!

Think about it-

– Ever wonder what happens to Pallets after a business is done with them?

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Pallets—> after the Docks….