About me: 

Hi! I’m Chris Nze. I am a freight agent for TOP Worldwide.  I make shipping freight easy and low cost to the clients I network with.  I created this blog as a resource to help new and experienced shippers make better informed choices when it comes to Freight shipping.  I will be posting tips, ideas, freight news, world news clips, and other things I think about as I work as a freight agent day to day.

Why did I do it?

 I created this blog as a forum for readers and posters to connect and network, share Ideas, vent frustrations, and find solutions to problems they may be facing.  From my experience I have found that many people ask me the same questions and face the same issues but have no idea how to connect with others that may be in a different industry or market niche.  As a friehgt agent I get to interact with people all over the country , in many different indutries, from many different back grounds.  There are not many professions where this is possible.   I am also here to help readers save time, money, and energy making the freight shipping process simple. 

My Company:

Transportation Outsource Partners (T.O.P.) Worldwide  is an E.L. Hollingsworth company and it is located in Flint, MI.  E.L. Hollingswroth has been in business since 1924 servicing GM as its number 3 transportation provider.   TOP Worldwide  is also a valued service provider for Ford and Walmart.   

Freight Solutions:

Of couse this being MY blog,  I will be offering my products and services to the readers.  So If you would like to learn more bout the  The TOP LTL system just Click the  The TOP LTL system links that you will see in my posts.  Our LTL system is top notch in terms of pricing, ease of use, and shipment tracking.

If you are currently looking for better rates or a better system, don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot over an email I will be happy to take a look at your current freight system and show you where we can save you time, money, and energy and ultimately increase your efficiency.

Using the  The TOP LTL system could take you from a long, drawn out, paper intensive, 1 Million Calls back and forth to carriers, then to your freight agent, then to the pick up / drop locations, and not to mention your own internal departments that have to manage it all…  freight day…Into a go to lunch early, working on the road at a tradeshow, paperless, easy to manage, few minutes in front of the computer, day. 

 I must warn you though this system is very powerful!!!!  The TOP LTL system can  make you look good in front of the Boss!!!!   But it can also make you look less busy – which might give him a reason to increase your work load!!!  So be careful… Using our system could be a gift and a curse.  LOL


In any case my job here is to help you better manage your time, and give you a source of solutions to your daily freight headaches. So feel free to make comments and add insight.  Go ahead, promote your business, create an impact, and make contributions where they are needed.  All I ask is that you be mindful of others and be respectful of others opinions.  I will delete comments as I deem necessary if they are disrespectful to any of the readers.

Ok Ok, im done being a net nanny.  Go ahead enjoy the posts and let me know your thoughts.   Isn’t that what blogs are all about?

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